Is your DIY ramen spicy?

The Chicken TanTan Men is very spicy! However, the spice can be decreased a bit by not adding as much of the tare from your kit.
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Our Spicy Negi and Spicy Miso Hiyashi Chuka bowls are a medium spice. They are spicy, but they're not crazy.
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The Northern Warmer has a mild to medium spice when the chilli miso butter is melted into your broth. It has more of a warmth than a spiciness.
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The Kaizen Warrior has a very slight spice from added togarashi.

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Our Tokyo Salary Man, Kids Ramen, and Sweet Soy Hiyashi Chuka bowls are not spicy! 
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Want to add more heat to your DIY kits? Add a bottle of our Szechuan Tears Chilli Oil to spice up your life ;)