Changing to a Dynamically Priced Bundle

You can find savings in your Ramen subscription by cancelling your legacy subscription box and purchasing our new Dynamically Priced Bundle

If you are on one of our legacy subscriptions (The Crafty Box with fixed prices or The Family Box), you will be able to find greater savings and flexibility by moving to our flexible priced subscription offerings.

How Do I Switch To Your New Box Pricing?  
  1. Visit our website here
  2. Build your new subscription; choose your box size, your items and your delivery date. 
  3. Reach out to our team ( and we will remove your current box and ensure you only have one order coming. You may also cancel your legacy subscription yourself by following these steps
Why Flexible Priced Subscriptions?
  1. This gives us the ability to reduce the price of your ramen in your box
  2. It also gives us the ability to bring you awesome products from other local makers across the country.